ACCEDTECH @ Dutch Design Week Eindhoven

DDW_participant_2017_RGB_2400_zwart-op-witLeading the discussion on new frontiers for lightweight structural systems of the future, we imaged and built an hypothetical aerial vehicle -a flying wing- inspired by the suggestive drawings of H. Miyazaki.
Presenting a floating installation together with 1:1 scale details of the object, dissect the process of experimentation, we intend to widen the spectrum of future structural wonders.

Inspired by the very basic principles of nature – how forces interact and materialize into minimal waste of energy and matter – Tensegrities are today among structural solutions for lightweight systems most studied and yet mostly unexplored into practice . Often disregarded like artistic follies or bizarre construction, we took first steps in materializing how such tensegrity principle fits within a specific design intent.
The research methodology first presented at IASS-2010 Shanghai, then further deepened and discussed at IASS-2015 Amsterdam and Tensinet-2016 Newcastle ( both structural oriented symposiums), has here took a step back to fundamentals: working on force balance, lightness and material economy. The innocent and crude execution of such installation conceals a challenging task in terms of design, computing, problem solving, manufacturing and assembling. A system so simple, yet so complex to make, wildly explores how far natural systems can still inspired us in a diverging future of scarcity.

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