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Universally accessible kinetic systems: AIR-x.x series.

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Innovation is about production : WE MAKE CHEAP TO PRODUCE1

Creativity is about enabling : WE MAKE EASY TO USE

2Growth is in strengthening : WE MAKE SIMPLE TO CHANGE

Our products offer at the moment is focused in lightweight prosthetic arms. We plan to offer in the near future solutions for industrial robot automation ( see following).BOX1 BOX2ArmBW

AIR-X.5 Personal Mobility


Prosthetic Lightweight Arm


  • Aesthetic companion
  • Lightweight carries
  • Daily tasks motion (grab, tweet, move, lift…)


  • Extra lightweight
  • Simple use
  • Simple assemblage & transportable

For flexible and lightweight routine

AIR-2.5 – ACCED’s smallest and simplest multipurpose anthropomorphic robot arm for personal mobility. The structural body weighs just 300 gr and can handle a payload of 3 kg (4 kg for vertical wrist) with a reach of 580mm. It is the most cost-effective and reliable choice for supply simple and direct use. It enable you to the simplest needs you have in the most direct way. Low carbon footprint at the production, easy for maintenance and parts`s replacement, let you keep open your future options to upgrade and best tailor your initial choice.

It is consider a low cost investment with very much what you could need. A white finish is the standard, on request pattern and motifs can be implemented into the outer looks.

NEW: ACCED launches faster and high performance version of the AIR-2.5 : AIR-3.5

AIR-3.5 – It is thought as upgraded version of the prior AIR-2.5 to best fit higher performance and needs for personal productivity. The new AIR-3.5 is the benchmark for rapid pick and place applications requiring extreme flexibility combined with industry leading 100 micron repeatability. Studied as multipurpose industrial robot for small applications that require low investments, cost-effective returns, sufficient precision, inherent safety measure to work in combination with operators without protections. While keeping its trademark compact, agile and lightweight features, the AIR-2.5 variant delivers a substantial increase in the payload available (5 Kg), material fatigue and resistance to stress, time of operation before fist maintenance due (longer life cycles). Mechanics are better studied and supplied with best off the shelf components. Ready to deliver best results, keeping  consistent production and accuracy over time. Customization is fully  available to request.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. –Arthur C. Clarke


…islands of compression in an ocean of tension.Richard Buckminster

… Structural Systems for the Future. – Rene Motro