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Laurea Ingegeria Edile - Università Padova IT -2004
Master in Architecture /Hyperbody/ TU Delft NL - 2008
Founder of "Architecten Alberto Campesato" - AAC / Design & Research - 2009

L.E.L.A. project

  Lightweight Exoskeleton Limb Anthropomorphic:    The project collects results of ten years research across fields of software engineering, design and manufacturing processes. Intended as a research project of the system applicability in the realm of soft-robotics, the project explores the potential of the technology to model free-form tensegrity systems and to manipulate them, showing…

DDW see you next year

Thanks to all involved with the project and to those came to visit and share some inspiring know-how. Thanks for the welkom, ….we are already at work for the next step in development. Next step for us is to refine details, improve motor performance, driver and control, design and resize (micro) node and plugin joints,…

L.E.L.A. prj @ DDW19 open

Eindhoven Klokgebouw 50 Hall 3 3.21 View this post on Instagram LELA prj Exoskeleton arm @ ddw19 Hall3 Klokgebouw 3.21 A post shared by alberto (@accedtecho) on Oct 19, 2019 at 4:30am PDT Here a presentation giving some detail : ddw19-35web.ppt

L.E.L.A. project @ DDW19

  Nowadays anthropoid robots question the role of human labor and its contribution into future society. Represented as bulky pre-industrial devices, they often fake human-like form. We draft a future where robotics implements human capabilities with systems closely related to natural organisms. The research -summarized in a recent submitted patent- drafts for the first time…

ACCEDTECH @ Dutch Design Week Eindhoven

Leading the discussion on new frontiers for lightweight structural systems of the future, we imaged and built an hypothetical aerial vehicle -a flying wing- inspired by the suggestive drawings of H. Miyazaki. Presenting a floating installation together with 1:1 scale details of the object, dissect the process of experimentation, we intend to widen the spectrum…

Kenneth Snelson, thanks

With great regreat, I came to know that K. Snelson died few days ago. A great man, even if he call himself always artist I believe artistic is a simplification of his deep understanding and thought about nature. Inventor of tensegrity, he alone has explored their application better than any body else. A great inspiation…

converging future. “an abstract”

…The industrial robotic market is currently accountable for a +5% growth registered in 2012 with over 168.000 units globally sold in 2013 only (+5% compared to 2012). The average price per robot is estimated in 60.000 USD. USA and Japan markets dominate the run for industrial automation in manufacturing. Other markets escalating the economical expansion -Asia- or in moderate recession -Europe- are otherwise pursuing partial recovery thanks to industrial automation conversion. On the other side the marketplace for robotics is opening towards professionals and small businesses, diversifying and aggregating the offer in few larger competitors and small service suppliers. In…

Paper is Out : TENSINET – COST TU1303 International Symposium 2016

Procedia Engineering   —  Volume 155, 2016, Pages 183–194 TENSINET – COST TU1303 International Symposium 2016 “Novel structural skins – Improving sustainability and efficiency through new structural textile materials and designs” Glad to say we will participate @ TENSINET – COST TU1303 International Symposium 2016 in Newcastle. We will present : “Unprecedented structural skins. Experiments towards an intelligent tensegrity skin.” READ IT