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Back to work

After our IASS entry we are going to work out few details didn`t play so nicely as expected. We are going to research further the material to use for the intended scale of the pavilion and try out to produce the intended one. Stay tuned for the next pavilion development. Thanks for your support.

IASS 2015 Paper available

The article for our upcoming IASS-2015 Conference talk @ is out. You can read here: The possibility of unparalleled structural systems_A_Campesato “The possibility of unparalleled structural systems. Experiments towards novel models of tensegrity.” Expo [Exp3] Session, Amsterdam, August 20th 2015. follow us @

Working for the pavilion

IASS 2015 Amsterdam – ACCED+ pavilion We are currently 100% capacity involved in the development and realization of the pavilion exhibiting at the IASS 2015 Amsterdam Symposium. Follow us in the FB page with last comments and pics.  >> The pavilion has being developed based on the technology we supply, but in much larger scale.  In the following weeks we will integrate information and insight of the pavilion and the technology we use. You can always find us at the IASS 2015 AM, look for us or search for our contribution (published paper). We are interested to hear from you and…

τέχνη – techne-logia

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” A. Clarke I have been passionate about pattern, tessellation and fractal for long time. Their persistence in nature and later in technology is inspiring.  With great pleasure I found“Dataisnature : Interrelationships between natural processes, computational systems and procedural-based art practices “ an inexhaustible source of knowledge and references. I myself had the opportunity to touch different fields of research, confronting similar and redundant patterns across different disciplines. In my daily reading I was intrigued to discover that certain population use recursive textile patterns to record and hand down music and myths. Shipibo embroidery & a space-filling curve. In other fields such…