ACCED technologies Terms of Use in Plain English

We realize Terms of Service can be confusing and, quite frankly, a snooze- fest; however, they are very important in explaining the basis of what we, the Company, expect of you, the User, while on this Site and how this interaction plays out. We promised “understandability” so, to the right of each term, we provided a summary in “plain English”.

By accessing or using our Site, you agree to the terms below; if you don’t agree, don’t use the Site.


Account Creation: if you want to use our Site, you must create an account so we can avoid spam and know how to contact you. Others need to know, too, how to reach you to use your content but more on that later. As for your information, please keep it updated! And although hard to imagine, you can call it quits at any time. We can do this too; see Section 10

Account Responsibilities: in the multitude of logins we all maintain in our daily lives, we have to remind you that this one, too, should be kept secure. It’s your responsibility. If someone uses it without your “OK” or you suspect such, let us know!

ACCED technologies & Us

What we allow you to do: We own the site and services and, by definition, it’s our intellectual property with all the copyright and trademark rights that naturally attach as per EU Copyright law. So you’re in the clear, we give you permission to use ACCED technologies in a certain way through a license. We’re NOT talking about what you upload or post – that comes later.

In exchange for this permission, we expect you to NOT overstep by…

  • doing anything commercial related to the Site
  • copying or modifying our content
  • stealing our format and/or code

We can change anything on the Site or stop it at any time. If we do change or stop the Site and something bad happens to you or somebody connected to you through this Site, you agree not to sue us.

We’re not promising anything related to support or maintenance.

ACCED technologies & You

Anything you upload or post is yours. As such, you are responsible for it and anything bad that happens to you related to this content. Since we’ve already mentioned we can change or stop the Site at any time, please be sure you have backup copies. We’ll get to what you can and cannot post or upload in a moment.

What you’re allowing us to do on the Site: since you own your content, we need your permission to use it in whatever way we see fit on the Site, which is what’s allowed here. Make sure you truly do own it. So foreign law doesn’t complicate what’s already complicated with EU Copyright law, you wave “Moral Rights”.

How the world can use your designs: outside of ACCED technologies, you need to explain to others how they can use your content. You own it and the rights that attach so tell everyone how you will permit them to use it. One way to go is a Creative Commons License which, on the copyright spectrum, falls between “none” and “all”. Be advised: we may share your content with others. These “others” are supposed to follow your usage restrictions and we’ll tell them such. They may or may not listen. If they don’t, that’s between you and them; please don’t blame us.

What we don’t want you to do…and what happens if you do:

Please don’t post anything illegal, pornographic, threatening, abusive, hateful, obscene or do anything commercially exploitative or engage in data mining, site manipulation or, in general, cause Site mayhem, which we’ll collectively call “bad”. If we learn you did, we have the right to remove the content and the account without notice. And if this bad thing cost us any money, you’re responsible. If it’s specifically illegal, we’ll take further action. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Bottom line: please be reasonable and responsible.

If what you’re doing amounts to unacceptable use to us, we will modify your content or remove your content. Depending on the degree of unacceptability, we may terminate your account. We will notify you of any action taken by us.

Third Parties, Other Users

We may provide links to others sites and services. That’s all we’re doing— providing a link. We’re not promising anything. Link up with these third parties at your own risk. We are not responsible for any problems that may result. As mentioned, we are not responsible for your content. You own that as well as any problems from other users that may relate to that content. We’re not obligated to referee either.

It bears repeating: you agree not to sue us.

It might break

What you see is what you get. Mistakes happen; we’re human. If you use the Site, you agree to this and use at your own risk. You also agree not sue us. If you don’t agree, please do NOT use the Site.

Stuff happens

Stuff happens, things go wrong. Where a state allows, in no case will we be responsible for more than  10.

Back up your stuff

To reiterate, we have the right to close you down for any reason. If that happens, you can’t use the Site anymore. That also means your stuff will be deleted. Don’t blame us; we warned you.

Don’t infringe

Intellectual Property is important enough to have its own policy. Read that one too please.


You’ve heard this already: we can change these Terms at any time. Check back here from time to time. If we make any big changes, we’ll give you notice. Keep your contact information updated, please.

Since the laws vary from state to state, we’ll go with the laws and courts of our home-base, Rotterdam, to handle any disputes.

The only agreement between you and us is this agreement. If we don’t exercise a right here, it doesn’t mean we waive it for all eternity. And if any term is deemed “no good”, the rest of the agreement is still valid. Just because we have this agreement with you does not make you an employee but rather an “independent contractor”. You can’t transfer these terms to someone else.


Do you have any doubt?

The current website is not perfect. We strive to improve every day. If you have any questions, remarks or suggestions we are pleased to hear from you. Thanks